Cape Hatteras

The present Cape Hatteras is the second to occupy the site in NC.  It was constructed in 1870 and at 193 feet is the tallest lighthouse in America.  When it was constructed it was the tallest brick lighthouse in the world.  The tower contains more than one million bricks.  The present distinct black and white spiral design was applied in 1873.  In addition to the tower, the site includes a keeper's dwelling, a duuplex for assistant keepers and an oil house.  The National Park Service is in charge of the station.  It was moved back away from eroding sand in 1999.  7"H x 6"W.  Lights with batteries, not included.  Lights also with a battery adapter plug which is not included.  9,500 issued and each is hand numbered on the bottom.    

Cape Hatteras
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